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Welcome! Order custom clothing online or get fitted for Custom Suits, Dress shirts and more on our Custom Tailoring roadshows. Our expert tailors make custom clothes, custom suits, custom shirts and other custom made business wear that fit better than anything off the rack – For a better price than off the rack clothing. Have your clothes custom made to measure in the Best Fabrics and the Latest Styles!

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Measurement Kit - How to Measure for bespoke Custom Suits and Shirts

Tired of ill fitting expensive off the rack standard color and style clothing and hate to pay heavy alterations and tailoring fees to the local tailors?

Start now by ordering our MEASUREMENTS KIT** and with the help of your friend or colleague have these simple measurements taken for custom suits, shirts and more.

This measurement kit is offered to introduce you to a new world of great fitting bespoke custom clothing, custom tailor made to measure to your individual taste and preferences at a very affordable price.

With Great Quality, and very Reasonable Prices as well as world wide shipping and quick turn around, Ravis Tailor offers the best solution to ill fitting off the rack clothing.

You can custom make and design your own business, dress and formal wear or office wear to suit your profession, business and work environment.

Our bespoke custom mens suits and business dress shirts for men and custom suits and shirts for women as well as womens skirt suit, pant suit and shirts are individually tailor made to our high standards and are designed keeping the modern work environment in mind. For instance, we offer multiple pocket options for your cell phone, black berry, IPhone and other necessities of the modern life style.

The measurement kit includes an extra long measuring tape (designed even for the largest of sizes, measurements forms and a video CD with clips on how to take the best sizes. When inputting the sizes online our measurements forms with our patent pending "Auto check" technology will help verify the sizes.

Once the sizes and your bespoke custom clothing order is submitted our master tailors with over 1200 years of combined experience, will personally review each and every measurement to ensure a perfect fit for your custom suits, shirts and other custom made attire. You will be contacted to redefine the measurements should we discover a discrepancy.

Please fill in the form below and get our measurements kit delivered to your doorstep within 7 days!

  Measurements Kit (8 week delivery by post) - US$5 for faster delivery order fabric swatches.
  Measurements Kit (1 - 2 week FedEx delivery) - US$10
  I also want to order My Personal Copy of The Encyclopedia of Mens Clothes by Andy Gilchrist the renowned and highly respected connoisseur of custom clothing! A discounted price of US$24.95 (normally US$34.95) applies.(Payment required on the next page. Kit and the Encyclopedia will be shipped together if both items are ordered).
          Cost :  US$24.95 Only!

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