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Today I received the 3 shirts I ordered and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the fabrics and workmanship and will be placing an order for suits very shortly.

Cleo G.............Matthews, NC, USA

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How To Choose A Custom Overcoat

September 29th, 2014


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People often spend a great deal of time crafting a custom wardrobe with no thought to what they will wear over their custom suit. Enter the custom overcoat. It is just as important to consider the fit, fabric, and quality of your custom overcoat as it is to make those same considerations with regards to your custom business suit. For some, all that they will see of you is what you look like in an overcoat which means that it should be of the same quality as your custom business suit.

Choosing the Fit of Your Overcoat

Choosing the fit of your custom overcoat is very similar to choosing the fit of your custom blazer. Work closely with your custom tailor to choose a flattering fit that will coordinate well with your existing wardrobe. The two most important elements to consider when you are selecting the fit of your custom overcoat is the fit of the custom overcoat through the chest and the length of your sleeves. The only difference in measuring the chest in your custom blazer and your custom overcoat is that when it comes to your custom overcoat you must remember to leave room for the extra layers of clothes that you will be wearing during the winter months. When you are choosing the length of the sleeves for your custom overcoat, follow the same guidelines that you follow when selecting the fit of your custom blazer. The sleeve should brush the top of your wrist.

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Choosing the Length of Your Overcoat

The length of your custom overcoat will depend on your own comfort level and height. Start with considering what length of custom overcoat your are comfortable width. Even though a long overcoat may be a hot trend in fashion, if you are not going to be comfortable on a daily basis, then the trend is not for your. Part of conveying a fashion forward style is being confident with your choices. The next consideration when you are choosing the length of your custom overcoat is your height. The taller you are, the longer your custom overcoat can be. On the opposite end, if you are petite, then you need to be very careful in your choice of length for your custom overcoat. If you choose the wrong length, then you will appear much shorter than you actually are.

Choosing the Style of Your Overcoat

Part of creating a cohesive look involves coordinating the style of your custom overcoat with the style of your overcoat. If you typically dress with classic style, then your custom overcoat should reflect that tendency as well. During the design process, work with your custom tailor in order to incorporate similar design elements into both pieces.

Depending on what your particular climate is will determine the type of investment that you need to make in your overcoat wardrobe. The colder your climate is, the larger your investment will need to be. Remember to make your design decisions with the idea of cohesion in mind. After all, the idea of style for style relies on cohesion.



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