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I wish you and your business, as well as your brother, all the best. The material is wonderful.

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An Overview Of Fabric Choices For Custom Made Men’s Suits

November 9th, 2014


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When choosing a men’s bespoke suit, the choice of fabric is incredibly important. Not only does this affect the appearance of the finished garment, but it also affects the way that the suit feels against the skin and to the touch and also the longevity of the custom made men’s suits. When making such an investment, it is crucial that the item is perfect for the customer.

There are various different fabrics used to create custom made men’s suits, ranging from wool and wool blends, cotton, linen micro fibres and polyester. The season and the typical climate of your country can affect the type of fabric that would be best for your custom made men’s suit.

Linen and cotton are better for warmer climates, as they are light-weight and allow the skin to breathe easier. They are not, however, very appropriate for cooler climates and can leave the wearer feeling slightly chilly. Cotton is sometimes thought to have the edge over linen, because of its durability and the ease with which linen men’s suits crease. Polyester is cheaper than linen or cotton, and does not crease, but has a tendency to trap body heat so can be quite uncomfortable in hotter weather conditions. Custom made clothing made from micro fibres is usually cooler than polyester, as it is lighter and cooler. It is also one of the cheapest fabrics from which to make a men’s bespoke suit.

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Wool is generally heavier and warmer, but provides a better airflow than polyester. There is an international coding system for wool garments in place to explain the thickness of the fabric. This is known as a Super grade; a number follows the word Super, and the higher the number, the finer the fabric. Wool is generally the most expensive fabric, and the finer the wool fabric, the more expensive it becomes. Additionally, the finer the fabric the less durable the garment is. People choose a men’s bespoke suit in fine wool because of the elegant appearance and luxurious feel. These suits are typically more appropriate for people with very high level professional positions and incredibly special or formal occasions. Thicker fabrics, lasting for longer, are often better suited for regular wear garments and everyday men’s suits.

Ravis Custom Tailor helpfully catagorises men’s bespoke suit collections based on the fabrics that will be used to make garments. The Classic Collection men’s suits are made from blended fabrics, the Premium Collection items are made from mid-range imported cloths, an Exclusive Collection men’s bespoke suit is made from upper end imported cloths, the Deluxe Collection garments are made from imported high end fabrics and Heritage Gold men’s suits are made from luxurious cloths, including those comprising wool of 95% or higher. There is also the option to choose a Designer Brand men’s bespoke suit. The prices reflect the fabrics used for suits from each collection, and an experienced tailor will be able to assist you with understanding what fabrics will work best for your needs to create the ideal men’s bespoke suit.



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