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This Week's featured Article

Important Considerations For Buying A Tailor Made Suit

August 5th, 2014


Ordering a tailor made suit can be an imposing experience, especially if you’ve never done it before. Even if you consider yourself an expert, and you have a great tailor, here are still a lot of things to consider with each new order.

In this guide, you’ll learn which considerations are important when it comes to buying that perfect, tailor made suit.

Getting along well with your tailor is important

Ordering a tailor made suit is a collaborative process. When your personality meshes well with your tailor, your clothing will look great. If you don’t find that there’s any sort of rapport you should look elsewhere.

Your tailor should want to know more about your intended use for your tailor made suit

Sure, classic styles are always great, but if your tailor doesn’t seem to care how you’ll actually be using the suit, then how can he be sure to tailor it perfectly? When your tailor actually cares about how and where you work, or what event you’ll be attending, then he can do a much better job.

Take your time when it comes to sampling fabrics

When you visit with your tailor, he’ll have a huge selection of fabrics to choose from. Take your time, here, as the fabric chosen can have a major impact on how your suit looks and feels once you wear it. Your tailor should have patience with you while you look through the fabrics, and provide advice on which will work best with the kind of suit you’re having made.

Make sure you have a close fit

If your suit doesn’t fit properly, it won’t look like it was tailor made. What’s the point in going through the entire process of having a bespoke suit tailored if it’s not going to look any better than something you could get off the peg? Expect at least one round of alterations before the suit fits perfectly.

Pay attention to the details

This is what makes a tailor made suit so special. The working button holes, type of stitching, and other details will really make your suit stand out. Take your time working with your
tailor to figure out what will look absolutely perfect, and you’ll love the final product.

Learn your body’s quirks

When you order a bespoke suit, you’re doing so with the aim of looking picture perfect. Your tailor should want to spend time studying your body and learning your quirks. A good tailor can do this rather quickly, but you should expect to spend some time having him really study
your features so that he’s best able to create a suit that looks as great as you would hop.

Stay in tune with fashion trends, but don’t neglect classic tastes

It’s important that your wardrobe include both classic, timeless tailor made suits, as well as some that fall in-line with the current fashion zeitgeist. By staying in touch with fashion trends, you’ll be able to better communicate with your tailor about what you like and expect.

Remember that this is your suit

When you’re having a suit tailor made, you need to remember that every detail is yours. You have complete control over not only the fabrics, materials, and style of the suit, but also the finer details.

You may find that you have a desire for special pockets, or unique features that aren’t common in any suit. By understanding that you can really have this suit made to your exact specifications, you’ll be able to provide your tailor with the details that allow him to make something that is truly yours, and that’s what tailor made clothing is all about.



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