Men's and Women's Custom Tailors for Three Generations
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Mens Heritage Gold Collections ...

Top End Super 150s+ - Luxurious cloths - Recommended for top level executives and very special occassions

Dress and Business Shirts
Only US$115
Tuxedo Shirts
Only US$130
Dress Pants, Trousers and Slacks
Only US$325
Single Breasted Suits
Only US$750
Double Breasted Suits
Only US$850
Three Piece Suits
Only US$1100
Jackets and Blazers
Only US$525
Vests and Waistcoats
Only US$305
Tuxedo and Dinner Suits
Only US$875
Overcoats, Topcoats and Outerwear
Only US$975

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You are just a few clicks away from a great looking custom tailored outfit from!  To start the shopping process, simply select the type of outfit you are looking for by clicking on the image or the category name above. And remember, there are no extra charges for "Big and Tall".

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