Coming to USA in June!: Get Measured by Our Traveling Tailors in June-July 2017. Order Custom Suits and Custom Tailored Dress Shirts at private consultations with our Master Tailors. Make an Appointment with the Tailor for a custom tailoring and measuring session with our Tailors for Men and Women! Promotion: Ask for our Special Offers. Refer a Friend and Get a free Custom Made Shirt for each referral.Call us at 1 646 257 5886 for more information.

Traveling Tailor


Our Travelling Tailor is on a Mission to measure as many people as he can on his current Roadshow to the United States of America Get measured in person by our expert master tailors for the Perfect Fit! You can also check out the huge range of fabrics available on display at the Roadshow. View the Roadshow Schedule

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Anatomy of a men's suit

Under Collar

A felt-lined color is soft to the touch and let's your jacket double for outerwear when nights turn cold.


Features pick stitching which evokes the charmingly imperfect look of a handmade suit. (optional - on request only)

Inner Pocket

Contrast inner pocket trim (optional) is purely decorative but evocative of the way some London tailors mark their custom suits.

Canvas front

On better men's suits, there is layer of canvas between the fabric and the lining which allows the
jacket to conform to your body. On cheap ones, the fabric and lining are fused. (Optional - on request only)

Jacket cuff

"Working buttons" (i.e ones that open and close) are more often seen on fine English and Italian suits. (Optional -- Select as Accessories)

Suits standards
Suits standards
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