Coming to USA in June!: Get Measured by Our Traveling Tailors in June-July 2017. Order Custom Suits and Custom Tailored Dress Shirts at private consultations with our Master Tailors. Make an Appointment with the Tailor for a custom tailoring and measuring session with our Tailors for Men and Women! Promotion: Ask for our Special Offers. Refer a Friend and Get a free Custom Made Shirt for each referral.Call us at 1 646 257 5886 for more information.

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Our Travelling Tailor is on a Mission to measure as many people as he can on his current Roadshow to the United States of America Get measured in person by our expert master tailors for the Perfect Fit! You can also check out the huge range of fabrics available on display at the Roadshow. View the Roadshow Schedule

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I am 100% satisfied with the clothing alterations that were performed by Ravi The Tailor. I have been ordering from Ravi since 2001 and I will continue to do so in the future. I am a physically fit person that has a very, very difficult time finding clothing that fits me, particularly my upper body do to the disproportionate sizing of the muscles in my upper body. I have a a thick chest, full shoulders, larger arms, thick upper back and yet a small waist. I purchased some sport coats, a suit and pants from Ravi a few years ago that did not fit as well as I had hoped. During Ravi´s recent tour through the US, I met with him (with these clothes) in Philadelphia and he sized everything, made copious notes on the changes required for the clothing and requested that I send them to his tailors for alteration. In addition, I ordered 5 new dress shirts and I received the entire order about 6 weeks later, all perfectly sized and absolutely beautifully tailored. The new dress shirts are of outstanding quality and all of the altered clothes now fit me comfortably and they look sharp. Further, upon receiving my order, I noted that one of the US Customs person cut open one of the packages containing my suit pants and they actually cut my suit pants with their box cutter. I contacted Ravi to tell him of this disappointing news and he said not to worry about it. I sent him pictures of the packaging and the slice in my pants and he quickly arranged for the pants to be re-made. Within 10 days, I had a beautiful and perfectly sized pair of pants to match my suit coat. How awesome is that!!! I am so thrilled with the service and kindness that I have received from Ravi, Gregory and others that I will recommend Ravi the Tailor to everyone that I know that wants high quality, personally tailored clothing at a competitive price. Thank you very much!!!

Scott S........Gibsonia, PA, USA

Our Bestsellers this Month

New Fabrics this week

Fabric No.1134 - Superfine 150s English wool with very subtle pinstripe
(100% Wool  trivera  9 Oz. Stripe material for All Year)
Fabric No.1147 - Superfine 110s wool from Collezioni Classico di Vitaliano - 1 inch Pinstripe
(70% Wool 30% TR trivera  9 Oz. Stripe material for Spring/Summer/Autumn)
Fabric No.15001 - 100% Pure Cotton Chinos/Dockers
(100% Cotton trivera  10 Oz. Solid material for All Year)

New Styles this week

Mens Classic Mens Custom made Suits (US$295)

This smart two button custom fit makes an excellent option for just about any executive

Mens Spring/Summer Deluxe Two Piece Suit (US$435)

Young and Stylish Single Breasted Men Suit, Short Length Jacket and slim fit Pants

Clearance Collections Custom Mens Jackets (US$155)

Military Style Two Button Box pocket center pleats with flap

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