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No.1118 - Super 140s Gold Collection All Year Wool in 1/4 inch pale contrast stripe ( View Color Swatches )Popularity:

(9 Oz. Stripe material for All Year use)

Fabric 1118 is Available for:
Mens Exclusive Mens Custom Suits ( 495)
Mens Exclusive Custom made Pants & Slacks ( 175)
Womens Exclusive Custom Skirt Suits ( 515)
Mens Exclusive Vests and Waistcoats ( 175)
Womens Exclusive Custom Pant Suits ( 515)
Womens Exclusive Womens Vests ( 175)
Womens Exclusive Womens Custom made Pants ( 185)
Womens Exclusive Custom made Skirts ( 195)
Womens Exclusive Womens Suits with vest ( 685)
Mens Exclusive Double Breasted Suits ( 565)
Mens Exclusive Mens 3pc Suits ( 635)

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