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Road Show News: Prepare for Christmas! Our Tailor is visiting UK, Ireland and Europe in October! Get Measured in person and preview the Latest Fabrics and Styles. Make an Appointment with our Tailor. Call (44) 020 3239 0756 or (+66) 81 987 8717 for more information.
Travelling Tailor update - US and Canada - November!: All Major Cities visited. Get Measured by our Tailors visiting your city. Order Custom made Suits and Custom Tailored Shirts at private consultations with our Master Tailor himself. Make an Appointment with the Tailor now for a measurements session with our Tailors for men and women! Promotion: Ask for our Special Offers. Refer a Friend and Get a free Custom Made Shirt for each referral. Or, call 1 646 257 5886.

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